The Best Meal Of My Life – A Short Short Story

Henry was a food critic. It was his job to eat. He loved food and he loved to write so he was truly working his dream job. Writing about the meals he ate at the restaurants he went to made it fun to eat his way through so many great food establishments.

He had plans to have dinner later at a new restaurant that had opened a month ago. But it was lunch time now and he was getting hungry. Having to run errands all morning, he decided to swing into McDonald’s to get some lunch before going home. Choosing to dine in instead of getting his food to go would be a nice end to a busy morning.

He had had McDonald’s hundreds of times throughout his life. It was a favorite place for him and his siblings when they were growing up. Who didn’t love a Happy Meal?

After finding a parking spot, he walked in and got in line. While he waited, he looked at the menu boards. He decided on a Big Mac, a large fry and a chocolate shake. A Big Mac sandwich was classic McDonald’s. When it was his turn to order, he stepped to the counter and told the friendly lady at the register what he wanted. He waited patiently for his order to be ready. When they put everything on his tray, he carried it to a booth by the window and sat down.

He loved to open the sandwich box and dump the fries into the top of it. McDonald’s french fries! There was nothing like them! He had always loved them.

That first bite of sandwich was oh so satisfying! This was really the perfect burger, it had everything he loved. Two all beef patties, cooked to perfection, what could be better? And that special sauce? Oh that wonderful slightly tangy taste brought back so many memories. And he couldn’t forget to mention the lettuce, cheddar cheese, pickles and onions. And all of it nestled between a sesame seed bun. The perfect burger, indeed!

Of course, that perfect burger was topped off by the perfection that he considered McDonald’s fries to be. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and salted just right. He licked his lips and grabbed his chocolate shake. It was creamy, cold, and so delicious! The shake machine was definitely not broken!

Henry savored every bite of his lunch. When he was done, he sat for a minute thinking about what he had just eaten and about his job as a food critic. He had been to a lot of different places for his job and had eaten a lot of great food. He had written a ton of great reviews. He had also had his fair share of not so great food and had written lots of bad reviews. People might think he was crazy but he was thinking that maybe he had just had the best meal of his life, right here at McDonald’s. They would get a rave review from him.

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