An Evening At The Lake

  It had been a beautiful late spring day and the evening was proving to be just as nice. After enjoying dinner on their back patio, Joe and Ashely decided to take a ride over to the lake and enjoy the nice evening. Ashely packed a small cooler with a couple bottles of water and some fruit and cheese in case they wanted to snack on something.

“I put the chairs and a blanket in the car. Are you ready?” Joe asked her. “I packed a snack and some water. Let’s go enjoy the evening.”

They lived fairly close to the lake, it was just a ten minute drive from their home. As they drove through their quaint small town on the way to the lake, they saw that a lot of people were out and about. Winters were long and cold here so when the weather really started to warm up, everyone took advantage of it.

Pulling into the parking lot at the park by the lake, they could clearly see that other people had shared their idea as the lot was almost full. Joe was able to find a spot and they grabbed their chairs, the blanket and the cooler and walked over to the lake but not all the way to the beach. They found a spot with a clear view of the lake as well as the park around them and set up their chairs. It was going to be a beautiful evening and they were ready to take it all in and enjoy.

They talked for a little while about their day and said hello to several friends that had stopped to chat. But as the sun started to go down, they snuggled under the warm blanket and listened to all the sounds of an evening at the park and just watched the beauty unfold. 

The trees in the park were lush with beautiful green leaves. Some flowering trees had gorgeous blooms which also scented the area with a delightful fragrance.

So many birds were chirping, singing songs to each other. It was like a concert put on by nature. The sea gulls out by the water seemed to be competing with the geese for the best song.

The lake was a gorgeous symphony of bluish  green waves crawling gently to the shore. The lapping of the waves was almost hypnotic. The laughter of children playing in the sand or down the beach a bit at the playground was wonderful background music.

The big ball in the sky was sinking slowly, glowing red orange. It cast a soft warm glow over the park. Some people had their cameras out to capture the beautiful scene, while others simply enjoyed the beauty.

The farther that big orange ball fell into the horizon, the faster it went. It glowed even stronger as it finally sank out of view. It had been spectacular!

Joe and Ashley sat for a few more minutes enjoying the wonderful evening. As darkness started to settle in, they got up and folded up their chairs, grabbed the cooler and headed back to the car.

They had thought there were not many people these days that would stop and take the time to enjoy something as simple as a beautiful sunset. With so many people at the park with them this evening, they smiled knowing a lot of people enjoyed the simple things as much as they did themselves. It had been a wonderful evening at the lake.

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