The Time Has Come

Hello, friends. It’s been a while. I have not posted on this blog for almost a year. And before that I wasn’t really sure which direction I wanted to go with it.

I started the blog as a way to share about essential oils and healthy living. It was fun for a while. I’m not a part of Young Living anymore, for several reasons and I rarely use oils anymore. I’m still into healthy living just not so into sharing about my life anymore.

Without the oils to share about, I started sharing stories about me and my family. I also included recipes sometimes or talked about my photography. But I’m not so comfortable anymore sharing personal stories about myself or my family.

Then it was suggested to me that I post some of my writing here. I did that too. And I enjoyed sharing the short stories I was writing. But now I have decided I’m not going to share them here anymore. I have decided to self-publish on Amazon. I wrote a short book about our rescue dog several years ago and self-published it on Amazon. It’s not great, lol, and it was my first time working with KDP and while I’m not proud of the quality of that book, I’m proud that I did it. And I have a copy of it on my own bookshelves.

That led me to want to publish more. So I published one of my longer short stories. I love how the cover turned out on that one. And then I dug out two separate novels that I wrote during NaNoWriMo many years ago. I spent last July during Camp NaNoWriMo editing one of those books and published it on Amazon. It’s so satisfying to me to see my name on an actual book! This past November I participated in NaNoWriMo again and I am currently editing that novel and will hopefully publish it soon on Amazon.

Will I sell lots of books? Who knows? But I’m enjoying the writing and just seeing my books on Amazon as well as on my own bookshelves is amazing! My love of reading has lead me to a love of writing.

Here is my author page on Amazon in case you are interested:

I am also still into photography and you can find some of my favorite work on Fine Art America.

I also share my photos on Instagram @shakeyhandimages

All this to say I am planning on shutting down this blog soon. There is no sense in keeping it if I don’t post anything here anymore. It’s been a fun ride. I appreciate everyone who has followed me here and who have read, commented or liked my posts. Having engagement on posts is always fun! Thank you for allowing me to share with you. Thank you for taking this ride with me. The time has come to say goodbye.


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