New Makeup Line

If you are familiar at all with Young Living, you know that they recently held their annual convention out in Salt Lake City. Every year, at convention, new, amazing products are introduced. This year was no exception!

Sunscreen, bug repellent, a whole line of baby products, and more!

But, today, I want to share with you the new makeup line that Young Living has introduced. It’s called Savvy Minerals and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! If you have been following my blog, you know that I have been on a quest to remove toxic, chemical-filled products from my life/home. I have used some natural makeup products, but now that Young Living has their own line, I will be switching! I trust Young Living, and I know that these makeup products have no nasty stuff in them.

See? Amazing products, without all the nasty junk!

Check out this video:

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I am healing. My recovery/healing is going as expected, according to my doctor. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks post-surgery. I’m feeling good, but I have not been cleared to get back to any strenuous activity. It’s a little frustrating because I’m feeling good, but can’t do much.

I don’t go back to the doctor, now, until mid July. So, I’m trying to enjoy the fact that I can’t work, and just relish the downtime, especially with summer here. I do lots of reading, spend time on my computer, hang out at the pool, even though I can only put my feet in, and just spend time outside. It’s not so bad, lol!

At my one week post-op doctor visit, I got the ok from my doc to begin applying essential oils to my incisions. I’ve been putting Frankincense directly on my incisions. Frankincense offers amazing skin support, and my hope is that it will help minimize scarring. I’ve also applied Lavender, but mostly the Frankincense. My stitches have not completely dissolved yet, but I will continue applying the Frankincense daily. The incisions are healing nicely.

I use Young Living essential oils. If you would like more info about how great they are, please message me at

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It’s been a while!

Hi friends!

Adam pointed out to me yesterday that it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. He’s right, of course. So, I thought I would fill you in on what’s been happening.

The biggest thing that happened recently was surgery. I  had surgery a week ago. Major surgery that will keep me severely limited, as far as physical activity goes, for at least 6 weeks or so. This was a planned surgery, so I had time to prepare beforehand. By prepare, I mean, take care of things around the house that wouldn’t get done if I didn’t do them. So, the weeks leading up to surgery were quite busy.

Now, however, I am bored! It’s been a week, and I’m already bored, lol. The first several days were consumed with pain management and sleep. Now, the pain is mostly gone and I’m bored. I’ve been reading. I spend a lot of time on my laptop. When the weather cooperates, I enjoy sitting outside. I’ve only had my camera out once, to get photos of all the beautiful flowers I’ve received.

Speaking of flowers, I need to give some shout-outs to some special people. First, to my husband, for being with me on surgery day. We were at the hospital for 12 hours, and I’m sure it was a much longer day for him than for me. Thank you to him, as well, for any help offered around the house. A huge thank you to Christopher! He came to the hospital on surgery day for a bit. He also went to the house and took care of some things there, as well as giving Zeke some much needed attention that day. Thank you for checking up on me as well! Several family members and friends have sent or brought flowers, food, treats, cards and well-wishes, as well as regular check-ins to see how I’m doing. Thank you all so much!

The biggest thank you, however, goes to Adam. He has gone above and beyond in helping me since surgery. He came to the hospital after school, after checking on Zeke at home. He has been so supportive and helpful since I came home. He makes sure Zeke doesn’t jump on me. He has helped keep the laundry up, moving the wet stuff to the dryer and carrying things up and down the stairs. He took me to the grocery store and did all the work, while I walked along. He’s cutting the grass every week (we usually take turns). He has helped with meals and clean up. He keeps the bird feeder full.  He puts chlorine in the pool when needed. He made sure I didn’t have to get off the couch much those first few days, bringing things to me so I wouldn’t have to get up. He has been my chauffeur a few times while I couldn’t drive. The list goes on and on. With the schedule Tim works, and Christopher not living at home, I knew that a lot would fall to Adam during my recovery. And he has not let me down. I’m so proud of him for stepping up without complaint!

Another thing I’ve done while being off my feet so much is to create an account at Fine Art America. It’s a platform for selling photos, or art work. It’s free, that appealed to me. I have been wanting to test the waters of selling my photos, but, the competition is fierce. On Fine Art America alone, there are thousands upon thousands of photos listed. Honestly, my expectations are low as far as selling anything. There are thousands of photos that are so much better than mine. But, my photos are getting exposure, and that’s awesome. It’s a big step for me, and we will see if it leads to anything. I’m having fun, and, for me, that’s what it’s all about. Between Fine Art America, and my public Instagram account, simpsonjannita, my photos are out there. That’s huge!

I’m trying to take this recovery slow, one day at a time. But, honestly, it’s a struggle. However, I don’t want to end up back in the hospital. So, I’m trying to learn to enjoy having the down time. Adam will be done with school next week, so maybe we can venture out somewhere with my camera. I’m itching to do that! Not being able to workout is making me crazy. But, once I’m cleared to get back to the daily grind, you can be sure I’ll be working hard at getting back into my workout routine.

That’s it for now. Have a wonderful day!


Our dog, Zeke, is totally a mama’s boy.

When we adopted him from the shelter, I had no idea how much I would come to love him. I loved Coco so much, and I figured there was no way another dog would capture just as much of my  heart as Coco had.

When I am home, Zeke follows me around all day long, even in the bathroom. It’s like having a toddler again, lol. If he needs to go out, or just wants a treat, he comes to me, even if everyone else is home. He sits on the couch next to me. He meets me at the door when I come home, usually with a doggie hug.

I love this dog so much. He’s perfect. Ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration. He does, once in a while, make a mess in the house. But, he knows when he has done something wrong, and his ears go down and he gets the saddest look in his eyes. It’s hard to be mad at him, lol.

How on earth did we ever get along without him? I’m so glad we decided to go to the shelter that day. And, I’m so glad we met him!

He is frequently the subject of my photos.

Love him! ❤️


Yesterday, Adam and I went to his appointment with the neurologist. I was not sure what would happen at this appointment, and whether or not we would leave with a diagnosis. But, I was anxious to get the process going.

When the doctor walked into the exam room and sat down, the first thing he told us was that his 20 year old son has misophonia. Wow! I couldn’t believe it! He asked Adam questions about what sounds bother him and how life is for him while trying to deal with this disorder. He told us that there is no treatment for misophonia. Sufferers need to find ways to cope with the noises that bother them.

We talked about school, and what Adam could do to make the classroom a little more tolerable. He suggested noise cancelling headphones/earbuds, and talked about apps that you can download that play white noise.

He was extremely supportive and understanding. He had no problem writing a diagnosis for misophonia. He wants Adam to have an MRI, just to make sure nothing is wrong. He doesn’t anticipate anything showing up. We are waiting for that to be scheduled.

We took the diagnosis right over to the school when we left the appointment. A short time later, I got an email from the principal. We will meet on Monday to discuss strategies to help Adam cope with noises in the classroom.

I couldn’t be happier with how this played out. While I’m not happy that Adam deals with this, and will, most likely, for the rest of his life, I’m happy that an official diagnosis will get him some support during the school day. That was my goal.

Do you workout?

So, I haven’t been out running in months. Probably at least 6 months. My ankle was bothering me enough to make me stop. While I stopped running, I haven’t stopped working out. Regular exercise has been a part of my life for years and years.

I’ve been giving my exercise bike a good workout again. I wish I had started a continuous accounting of the miles on it when I got it. There are thousands and thousands of miles on that bike. I love it!

And, weight work is a consistent part of my life as well. Building muscle is so important, especially since I’m not getting any younger, lol.

I’ve been following Chris Freytag from Get Healthy U and Get Healthy U Tv for a while now. A month or so ago, I decided to join Get Healthy U Tv. This is a subscription that gives me access to tons of workouts, meal planning, live workouts, recipes, etc. I love it! She gives a code to join for just $10 for a year, for a premium subscription. But, I joined as a Gold member for $20 for the entire year. This level gives me access to the live workouts. The price will go up, of course, to renew at the end of the year. I love it so much, I’m seriously thinking about continuing when the year is up. But, for now, I’m just enjoying it. My ankle bothers me sometimes, but not as much as when I was running. Maybe, once the weather warms up, I’ll try running again. But, for now, I’m loving this.

This morning, I did a live kettlebell workout. I follow along on my computer as they are doing it live in their studio. It was so much fun, and a really great workout. There are a wide variety of workouts available on the site. And, with my membership, I can download 10 full length videos to have forever. It’s pretty great!

Chris Freytag is a great motivator! I follow her on Facebook and Instagram. On Mondays, at lunchtime, she goes live on Facebook to talk about all kinds of health and fitness related topics. It’s great! You should definitely check it out.

I also got a Fitbit Flex 2 a while back. Christopher and Sarah recommended it. I love this too. It tracks my steps, my sleep, my exercise, my water intake. It motivates me to move even more throughout the day.

I’m feeling pretty good, health wise. I’m maintaining my weight loss from last year, which I love. Still eating a mostly healthy diet. I enjoy treats, but I don’t overdo it. And I’m still drinking a ton of water.

It really does pay to take care of yourself.


Ski Fun

Yesterday, Adam and I went back to the ski resort to have some fun. Our original plan was to go today. But, the temp is gonna be in the 60’s today and we figured that would make for not great conditions on the slopes. It was around 50 yesterday. Not great for the slopes, but we went anyway.

It was a beautiful, sunny day. Adam was out of school for winter break. I had things to do in the morning, so we went to the slopes in the afternoon. It was not busy at all there, which was great for me. You see, I was going to attempt to get back on skis, and having fewer people there made me more comfortable.

I was in the ski club in high school, way back when. I was not great, but I had fun. When we went to this resort a few weeks ago, I didn’t ski. I took pics with my camera. This trip, however, I decided to give it a try.

We got our lift passes, and I had to rent skis and boots. Adam has his own snowboard and boots, so he was good to go. We started on the bunny hill. I surprised myself by graduating from there after just a few trips down. We moved over to the next hill, a little bigger than the bunny hill. The more we went down that hill, the better I felt, and the more confidence I gained.

It wasn’t long before I was ready to try a lift and a bigger hill. Adam stayed with me the whole time, instead of going and doing his own thing. I loved that! The first time down this bigger hill scared the crap out of me. You really pick up speed quickly! But, I did it! I had one wipeout, it was kind of fun! The hardest part of that was getting my skis back on on the hill.

We would spend the rest of the evening on this hill. I was getting comfortable there and was not ready to tackle anything bigger. It was so much fun!

As much as I want spring to get here, I wouldn’t mind having the opportunity to go back and ski some more this season. Hopefully, Christopher and Sarah can come next time.

It really is like riding a bike! Once you know how, it all comes back to you!