Say What???

Today, Young Living made a huge announcement! We’ve been waiting patiently since they announced they were gonna make an announcement.

This is huge!

Young Living unveiled their new YL Go program. What is it, you ask? It’s a free shipping program! What?? That’s right! It’s like “prime” for Young Living!

YL members who are on Essential Rewards can now sign up for YL Go. There are two options for you to pick from.

For $59 a year, get 12 ER shipping credits plus one bonus credit, for 13 months of hassle free shipping. Get 12 ER shipping credits each year after. You get priority order processing and a  $10 flat rate for overnight shipping.


For $129 a year, get shipping credits for 12 ER orders, plus 24 flex credits that can be used on Quick Order shipments during the first 12 months. You’ll have the flexibility of choosing Essential Rewards orders or Quick Orders. You’ll get priority processing and a $10 flat rate for overnight shipping. Discounted standard shipping on orders once all shipping credits have been used.

I love this!!

I shop on Amazon all the time, and, of course, I have Amazon Prime.  Now, I have this same option with Young Living! Just one more, of so many reasons to love Young Living.

Check out the Young Living announcement here.


Dog Day

It’s National Dog Day, so of course I have to share a photo of our dogs.

Here are Zeke and Zeus.

I love them!

Zeke, on the left, is a rescue dog from our local animal shelter. He’s been a part of our family for a few years now. He is a chocolate lab/whippet/pit mix and we love him so much!

Zeus, on the right, with those ears, is a german shepherd, and we got him last year as puppy. He was quite a handful as a puppy, but he has grown so much and has made huge strides in obedience. We love him so much!


Every Little Bit Helps

A few weeks ago, I started implementing some changes here at home. It became apparent that we were generating a large amount of trash for just 3 people. Our garbage bin that goes out to the street every week would be full or almost overflowing. And the recycle bin that goes out every other week would be not even full. Clearly we were doing something wrong.

So, we have started being more aware of what we put in the trash. If it can be recycled, it gets recycled. I stopped buying paper plates. We still have some, but using them has been cut way back. We use regular plates instead.

I came across a company that makes reusable sponges and paper towels and napkins, etc. Nature’s Reusables is the name, and I placed an order to check out some of their things. I ordered 2 packs of Unsponges and one roll of Unpaper Towels.

I love the Unsponges! They are replacing sponges that I’ve been buying for washing dishes. When they get dirty, you simply throw them in the wash. We still have some paper towels left to use up, so the Unpaper Towels have not been put to use yet. But they will, soon! They are awesome as well. They are the size of regular paper towels, but made of cotton and bamboo material. They snap together and roll up so you can put them on your paper towel holder. I can’t wait to start using them!

Check out Nature’s Reusables Here

These are just some small steps we are taking to help reduce the amount of trash we generate. Do you use paper towels, and throwaway sponges?


My Helper

Zeus, our German Shepherd, loves water. He loves to drink a lot of it, and play in it. We have a small kid pool in the backyard that he loves to splash in. And if you use the hose for anything, he’s right there, trying to get the water! 😂

Because he loves the water, when I try to clean the tub in the bathroom, he’s right there. He knows that I will turn the water on at some point, and while I’m cleaning the tub,  he’s licking the water on the tub.

It’s for this reason that I am so glad that I use a plant-based cleaner. I use Thieves Household Cleaner from Young Living to clean my whole house. I love knowing that when he’s there licking at the tub while I’m cleaning, there are no yucky things in the product I’m using that can harm him. It’s safe, and it smells amazing!

Does your dog “help” you clean?

Back To School

It’s August. August usually means kids are heading back to school soon, and moms and dads are doing school shopping.

This is the first year, in forever, it seems, that I don’t have to do school shopping. Our “kids in school” days are done. Am I sad? Maybe, just a bit. It is, after all, the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. But, honestly, once kids get to high school, school shopping is not as fun as when they were younger. And if they wear uniforms, which mine did, it’s even less fun, lol.

Not having kids in school makes things a little easier, actually. No tuition to pay, first off. No early mornings, no lunches to make, no schedule. It’s kind of nice!

It also means more time for Adam and I to hit the slopes this winter! Looking forward to that!

For those of you doing the school shopping, enjoy! Get it done early. Don’t forget to stock up on your oily essentials for the school year as well. I suggest, Thieves, lots of thieves! Thieves essential oil, Thieves Spray, Thieves Hand Purifier, Thieves Household Cleaner. You really can’t go wrong starting the school year with a supply of everything Thieves! Don’t have any? I can help with that! Just give a holler!

Enjoy what is left of summer, making memories with your kids. 😊


It’s August!

Can you believe it’s August already? The summer is flying by! How is your summer going? Ours has been busy with the garage project, but things are settling down now that the garage is complete.

With a new month comes new promos from Young Living. Look at all this awesomeness!

Good stuff here!

Did you know that when you start your oily journey with me, you don’t have to go it alone? I will walk every step of the way with you and add you to a community of oilers. This community is great for asking questions, getting tips and tricks and support. Did you also know that when you get your kit, there is never any obligation to sell anything? Ever! If you just want to enjoy the oils/products and that’s it, you can!

This month is a great time to start, before a new school year is upon us and before the cold weather sets in. Let’s do this!

Ready to get started with Young Living? Click here!

It’s Done

Our new garage is done! We love it!!

Yes, this project took longer than we thought. But, we had lots of delays. We waited for dry weather during a very rainy May. We waited on the cement crew each time we needed cement work done. We waited on the inspectors. We waited for a very busy framing crew to be able to get to our job. I went through a whole lot of Stress Away essential oil during this project!

But, the delays were worth it because now we have a much bigger garage that we can actually park in!

It’s so awesome to be able to let the dogs out without having to walk outside. It’s awesome to have an overhead door on the back side of the garage. It’s awesome to have a new patio. It’s awesome to have space to move and work in the garage, and have big shelves to store so much on. It’s just awesome!!!

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