I haven’t posted photos here in a while. No, I haven’t lost my love for photography. I love pulling the camera out and getting great shots. But, I’ve been posting my favorite photos online at 500px. I’ll leave the link so you can check out my portfolio. No, I’m not a professional, not even close, … More Photos


What inspires you? As a photographer, yes I just called myself a photographer, I am inspired by a lot. I love to shoot nature shots, like flowers, trees, landscapes, plants, etc. I love capturing the beauty of a flower! But, I also love capturing lots of other things as well. I like to use my … More Inspiration


A couple of weeks ago, we went on an adventure. We took a ride back up to Marquette. Marquette is the home of Northern Michigan University. Christopher went to college there, and we fell in love with the area during our many trips while he was in school there. We had not been back up … More Adventure