Workout Buddy

Do you have a workout buddy? A friend or family member who joins you in your workout? My workout buddy is Zeus, our german shepherd. He likes to come downstairs with me in the morning while I get my workout in. He pretty much just sleeps the entire time, but he’s down there with me. … More Workout Buddy

Dog Day

It’s National Dog Day, so of course I have to share a photo of our dogs. Here are Zeke and Zeus. I love them! Zeke, on the left, is a rescue dog from our local animal shelter. He’s been a part of our family for a few years now. He is a chocolate lab/whippet/pit mix … More Dog Day

My Helper

Zeus, our German Shepherd, loves water. He loves to drink a lot of it, and play in it. We have a small kid pool in the backyard that he loves to splash in. And if you use the hose for anything, he’s right there, trying to get the water! 😂 Because he loves the water, … More My Helper

He needs this!

Zeus has been doing such a great job at group class. He’s perfectly comfortable around the other dogs and owners during class. Since the weather has been warmer, on class days when it’s not raining, we go to a local park for class. He does so well! We even take them on a walk through … More He needs this!

Oh Zeus!

Zeus! Our 9 month old German Shepherd. He’s a handful, stubborn and strong willed. Zeus had another private consultation with the trainer about 2 weeks ago. We were given more good tips about specific things we could be doing with him. Adam and I started implementing these new tips every day. Zeus really stepped up, … More Oh Zeus!

He’s growing!

A quick update on Zeus. He’s growing! Fast! I know he is still a puppy at 5 1/2 months, but, he is big!! Adam pointed out last night that Zeus is just a bit taller than Zeke. Already! It amazes me how fast he has grown! I don’t know how much he weighs right now, … More He’s growing!


Our puppy, Zeus, is 4 1/2 months old now. He has grown so much, I can’t believe how big he is! He is almost as big as Zeke. He is growing and learning. He sits on command to get his leash on to go out and to come back in. Adam taught him to shake. … More Pups


Zeus had another vet appointment today to get another round of puppy shots. He does not like car rides. I opened the door to put him in to go, and he backed away. Finally got him in the car, but I had to be quick about closing the door because he was already trying to … More Pupdate


We got a new puppy yesterday. His name is Zeus, and he’s a German shepherd. He is 8 weeks old, and he already has us wrapped around his big paws! We’ve been wanting to get another dog, a playmate for Zeke. Tim really wanted a German shepherd, so that’s what we looked for. We brought … More Zeus