New Recipe

For dinner yesterday, I made a new recipe. I get tired of cooking the same things all the time, so, once in a while, I throw in something new. It’s a chicken recipe. Fried chicken, something I almost never make. I don’t care for the mess from frying chicken, but, I was willing to give … More New Recipe

Oh my! What a mess!

The kitchen project is coming along. We having been moving right along with getting the kitchen emptied and ready. Most of the cabinets are out, with the exception of the one over the stove, which has the microwave attached to it. And the sink cabinet, which is coming out tomorrow. The backsplash has been removed … More Oh my! What a mess!

Hate the mess!

We are starting a major home improvement project. We are just in the beginning phase, and already I can’t stand the mess! We are re-doing our kitchen. That means all new cabinets, new countertops, new appliances, new floor. Thankfully, we are not doing any of the install work ourselves. But, we are doing the demo/prep … More Hate the mess!