Happy New Year

The new year is just hours away now. 2017 has gone by so fast! The older I get, the faster time flies! 2017 was a pretty good year. Good things, bad things, this year had it all. We got a misophonia diagnosis for Adam. I’m calling that a good thing because it led to support … More Happy New Year


A couple of weeks ago, we went on an adventure. We took a ride back up to Marquette. Marquette is the home of Northern Michigan University. Christopher went to college there, and we fell in love with the area during our many trips while he was in school there. We had not been back up … More Adventure


Yesterday, Adam and I went to his appointment with the neurologist. I was not sure what would happen at this appointment, and whether or not we would leave with a diagnosis. But, I was anxious to get the process going. When the doctor walked into the exam room and sat down, the first thing he … More Diagnosis

It’s real, people!

It’s real. It has a name. And it sucks! I’m talking about Misophonia. Do you know what that is? Misophonia, also known as Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome, is the strong dislike, or hatred of certain sounds. It begins with a trigger sound, such as chewing, breathing, yawning, whistling, and on and on. The trigger sound … More It’s real, people!