Ski Fun

Yesterday, Adam and I went back to the ski resort to have some fun. Our original plan was to go today. But, the temp is gonna be in the 60’s today and we figured that would make for not great conditions on the slopes. It was around 50 yesterday. Not great for the slopes, but … More Ski Fun

Winter Fun

Yesterday, the boys and I, along with our very good friend who is like a son to me, Austin, drove about an hour away to a ski hill to have some fun. Adam hoped to get more experience on his snowboard. Christopher was gonna be trying skiing for the very first time. And Austin, well, … More Winter Fun


I told you we were going on an adventure. Well, we did, and it was awesome! We went to Colorado to visit our son and his family. Until this trip, I had only flown once in my life, about 30 years ago. I was scared to death to get on a plane for this trip. … More Colorado

Snow pics

Last weekend, we saw our first significant snowfall. We got around 10 inches of snow, and we have had extremely cold temps this week. A couple more inches of snow fell last night. I took my camera out after the snow fell last weekend. I thought I’d share some of the shots I got. Snow … More Snow pics


So, it’s gonna snow here starting late tonight. First significant snowfall of the season. It’s gonna snow all day tomorrow. Now, I’m not really a fan of snow, or even winter, anymore. But, I’m kind of looking forward to this storm so I can take my camera out and get some pics of the snow. … More Snow


March is here! It’s the month when my Irish roots are celebrated. It’s also the month when our thoughts turn to spring. Spring arrives, on the calendar, later this month. Unfortunately, we are still dealing with winter here. We got a mixed bag of rain, sleet, freezing rain and then snow late yesterday afternoon and … More March


So, the weather forecasters have been saying all week that we would get snow today. It’s just now starting to come down lightly here. Thankfully, we are on the low end of amounts predicted in this area. I’m not a huge fan of snow. It’s pretty, of course, when everything is coated in white. And … More Snow